Dingwell's offers completed parts and services that suit our customers’ requirements.

Feature Poducts

Stacker Reclaimer
Disc Screen
Log Deck
Log Deck
Debarking Drum Drive Gear
Screen Basket
Ring Die
Kiln Cart Wheel
Kiln Cart Wheel
Knurled Rolls
Hog Segment
Hog Striker Bar
Hog Rotor
Spike Roll
Chipper Disk
Fine Screen
Chipper Knives
Selector Valve
Stingray Rotor
Hog Hammer
Plug Screw Feeder
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Products & Services
We supply wide range of products and services, including but not limited to



  • Paper Machine

  • Processing Equipment

  • Pulp Finishing Equipment

  • Additive Make-Up Systems

  • Testing Equipment

  • Air Handling Equipment

  • Chip Handling Equipment

  • Wet Lap Machines

  • Dewatering Equipment
  • Wood Treatment Equipment

  • Laboratory Equipment

  • Electrical Equipment


  • Cleaner Rebuilds

  • Disc Filter Equipment

  • Press Roll Rebuilds

  • Pulp and Paper Machine Component Rebuilds

  • Pulper Gear Reducer, Bearing Units and Component Rebuilds

  • Pump and Mixer Rebuild and Exchange Program

  • Refiner Rebuild and Exchange Program

  • Screen Rebuild and Exchange Program

  • Washer Equipment Rebuilds

  • Instrumentation

  • Lubrication

  • Converting-Finishing

Canada Division

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963 Alloy Drive, Thunder Bay ON

USA Division

Tel: (715) 395-0256

215 Main Street, Superior WI

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